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    Sound insulation devices

    Appliances in and around your home are essential to daily life, but they can also cause noise pollution. That's why we offer acoustic solutions for appliances in and around the home, such as washing machines, heat pumps and more. This reduces noise pollution without affecting the performance of the appliances.

    • Washing machine
    • Heat pump/swimming pool pump insulation

    Making appliances quieter

    Sound insulation, sound absorption and vibration isolation

    Noise pollution from appliances can be reduced in several ways. Our acoustic materials absorb sound, reduce vibration and effectively isolate noise, helping to make appliances quieter.

    Damping vibrations

    Many devices cause vibration through direct contact with floors or walls. This can be countered with vibration isolation, which decouples direct contact.

    Air noise control

    An enclosure with sound-absorbing materials can reduce airborne noise by keeping the sound from a device inside and preventing it from spreading to the environment.

    Damping reflections

    Absorbent materials absorb sound effects and reduce reflections within an enclosure or room. This can counteract the sound problem of a sound box.

    Sound insulation by mass

    Adding mass to surfaces can absorb airborne sound and slow down the propagation of sound waves, achieving effective sound insulation.

    The most frequently chosen solutions

    For sound insulation of devices

    You can choose from a wide range of acoustic materials specifically suited for making devices quieter. These acoustic materials are available from stock, easy to process and proven effective. Materials commonly used are: