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    Convoluted foam

    Discover our range of acoustic foam panels, suitable for improving sound quality. With self-adhesive backing for easy installation and high density for optimal performance.

    Within our range, you will find various types of profiled foam, including egg crate foam and pyramid foam. Our EASYfoam Egg Crate Foam meets high safety standards, such as FMVSS 302 and UL-94 Class HF1 for flame retardancy. This sets our egg crate foam apart from other types with lower density, such as those often available at DIY stores.

    What is convoluted foam?

    Convoluted foam is a type of sound-absorbing material used to improve the acoustics of a room. It has a characteristic structure with small egg crate-shaped protrusions on the surface, which helps to absorb and diffuse sound waves. This aids in reducing echoes, controlling reverberation times, and enhancing sound quality in a space. Egg crate foam is commonly used in sound studios, recording studios, home cinemas, offices, and other spaces where sound control is important.

    Where is convoluted foam used?

    Thanks to the good sound-absorbing properties of this foam, it is suitable for solving sound problems in various environments, such as technical rooms, sound studios, and server rooms. The nodular structure of the foam acts as an effective sound-absorbing solution. The nodules break, scatter, and absorb sound waves, reducing the reverberation time in the space. This results in better acoustics, less reverberation, and an improved overall sound experience.

    Self-adhesive foam pads

    Self-adhesive nodular foam offers extra convenience and versatility as it can be applied directly to various surfaces without the need for additional glue or fastening materials. This makes installation easy and quick, making it a convenient solution for sound absorption.

    How does convuluted foam differ from other sound-absorbing materials?

    Convoluted foam features a unique nodular structure that effectively absorbs and disperses sound waves, resulting in improved sound absorption and control over reverberation time. This sets it apart from other sound-absorbing materials such as foam rubber or acoustic panels.