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    Damping materials are specially designed to reduce vibration propagation in materials such as steel, aluminium and polyester. They are most effective when there are few conversions and with large surfaces.

    What is anti-drumming?

    Damping is a technique used to reduce noise pollution, especially in thin sheet materials such as aluminium, steel, and plastic. When touched, these materials can produce a disturbing noise, similar to the sound of a gong. To prevent this, the sheet materials are weighted, limiting their movement and reducing noise pollution.

    How does sound insulation work?

    Sound deadening works by adding weight to sheet materials, such as aluminium, steel, and plastic. When these materials are weighted, their ability to vibrate is reduced, thus reducing noise pollution. This is achieved by using sound deadening materials with higher mass that absorb vibrations. This restricts the movement of the sheet materials, resulting in less sound transmission and reduced noise pollution.