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    Machine and equipment construction

    Machine noise can not only be harmful to the hearing of employees but can also lead to fatigue, stress, and reduced productivity. Therefore, it is essential to implement effective soundproofing measures. Fibers & Foams offers a comprehensive range of sound-absorbing, soundproofing, and damping materials to help reduce the noise of your machine. We are happy to provide advice on the following applications:

    • Aggregate/compressor
    • Pumps
    • Engine rooms
    • Refrigeration and air conditioning
    • General mechanical engineering

    Sound insulation for machinery and equipment

    4 benefits

    Making machinery quieter is important for a healthy and productive work environment. Reducing the overall noise level or reducing noise at a specific frequency can yield significant improvements.

    Reduce harmful noise

    By reducing the noise level of your machine, you ensure that noise is reduced for end users. This helps reduce potential damage from noise.

    Environmental noise control

    Reducing noise pollution from machinery contributes to a positive relationship with local residents and complies with legal noise standards and regulations

    Improved working environment

    By making machines quieter, we create a quieter and more comfortable working environment for employees, which can lead to higher productivity and well-being in the workplace.

    Machine life

    By reducing vibration and noise levels, we can extend machine life and reduce the need for maintenance and repairs.

    The most frequently chosen solutions

    For machine and equipment construction

    You have the choice of a wide range of acoustic materials specifically suitable for machinery and equipment manufacturing. These acoustic materials are available from stock, easy to process, and proven effective.

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