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    Acoustic ventilation

    Acoustic ventilation ensures efficient air circulation while minimising noise disturbances, promoting a comfortable and quiet indoor environment. Explore our collection of acoustic ventilation products, including the innovative Sonair and Aeropac systems. With these products, you ensure that outdoor noises are reduced during ventilation and fine particles do not enter the home.

    Why acoustic ventilation?

    Traditional ventilation systems not only bring air into a space but also noise. This can lead to disturbing background noise and discomfort. Acoustic ventilation minimises noise transfer and provides optimal air circulation. Our collection of acoustic ventilation products is aimed at creating a quiet and comfortable indoor environment without compromising ventilation efficiency.

    Install acoustic ventilation.

    With the Sonair or Aeropac, you can bring fresh air from outside or from another room into your home. To do this, you drill a round hole of 100 mm in the wall or facade. Then you place a tube through it. The incoming air passes through sound-absorbing materials, keeping the noise in the vent. The air is then filtered through various filters available, such as the G3 filter, F5 filter, F6 filter (for pollen), or activated carbon filter.