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    Acoustic sandwich panels

    Acoustic sandwich panels are self-supporting sound-insulating and sound-absorbing panels. The panels are often used in the construction of noise barriers and partition walls. The sandwich panels are also used as industrial wall cladding or enclosures.

    The panels are made of fire-resistant materials and have a core of glass wool. They are 100 millimetres thick, making them sturdy and stable. In addition, the panels are resistant to various weather conditions.

    What are acoustic sandwich panels?

    Acoustic sandwich panels are panels that are specially designed to absorb and insulate sound. They are also known as perforated sandwich panels, because of the perforation in the steel top layer. This perforation ensures that the sound is not only blocked, but also dampened at the same time. The panels consist of multiple layers of materials, with a core of sound absorbing material such as glass wool or stone wool, sandwiched between two sturdy outer layers.

    Acoustic sandwich panels are often used for building sound barriers, partition walls, industrial wall cladding, and enclosures to reduce sound transmission and create a quieter environment. The sound-absorbing sandwich panels reduce reflections and the sound box effect. They also help to prevent reverberation in the space. You build a wall with these panels that both insulates and absorbs sound.

    Applying sound-absorbing sandwich panels.

    With our EASYpanel sandwich panels, you can build a wall. Especially if you want to place a wall around a machine or compressor that makes a lot of noise, the EASYpanel is an effective panel.

    In industrial environments, sound-absorbing sandwich panels are often used as partition walls. For example, in production halls with heavy machinery or a lot of noise from production. Customers sometimes install acoustic walls measuring 30 x 7 meters to separate quiet areas from the production areas or machines. This also helps to improve the acoustics in the factory halls.

    Regular panels can reflect sound, which can lead to an echo. That's why acoustic sandwich panels are valuable, because they absorb sound instead of reflecting it. They are also used as sound barriers or enclosures for things like air conditioners on the roof.

    These panels help to separate sound sources from receivers and also reduce reflections and reverberations. Acoustic sandwich panels have an insulation value (Rw) of 34 dB and an absorption value (Alpha-w) of 1.0.

    These panels can even be used outdoors, for example on roofs or at pumps. It is important to ensure a solid construction that can withstand rain and wind when using them outdoors. It is wise to hire an expert constructor or seek advice from us!

    Standard and custom sandwich panels

    By default, the perforated sandwich panels have a thickness of 10 cm and a width of 100 cm. You can order the panels in the desired length. The panels can be perforated on one side or both sides. They are delivered as standard in Ral 9002 colour.

    It is also possible to order custom acoustic sandwich panels. We are happy to provide you with advice.