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    Sound insulation is of great importance in a boat or yacht. It reduces the noise from the engine and the sound of water against the hull. This makes sailing quieter and more enjoyable. Also, engine vibrations are reduced, resulting in less shaking. This allows you to enjoy your time on the water more. Good sound insulation makes your boating trip more pleasant and peaceful.

    Our specialists are ready to assist you in better isolating the sound of your boat or yacht and selecting the best materials.

    Improve sound insulation of your boat or yacht

    3 solutions

    Noise can disturb the peace on your boat or yacht. This noise pollution can have various causes. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce this noise and make your voyage quieter. Three solutions on how to address the most common sources of noise with sound insulation:

    Engine compartment insulation

    To dampen engine noise on boats, proper insulation of engine compartments is essential. Here, pay attention to sealing gaps and using sound-absorbing material to reduce sound reflections.

    Engine box insulation

    By insulating the engine box, you reduce noise pollution and improve onboard comfort while keeping the engine adequately ventilated. With specialized materials, you can effectively dampen noise and vibration.

    Reduce sound box effect

    Improve boating comfort by reducing annoying noises in the steering box of your boat or yacht with insulation materials specifically designed to dampen sound reflections.

    The most frequently chosen solutions

    For sound insulation in a boat

    To reduce noise from an engine room, engine compartment, or helm station of a boat, we offer special acoustic materials. These materials have an oil- and moisture-resistant top layer and are approved for use in yacht construction, thanks to CE certification. These materials are easy to process due to the self-adhesive top layer and absorb sound, thereby mitigating nuisance noises.