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    Mass panels

    EASYmass mass plates are excellent for improving sound insulation without taking up extra space. They are made from a special polymer mixed with barium sulphate, a natural mineral. This provides high mass even with thin plates. They are convenient for adding weight to existing plates, floors, and ducts to reduce sound transmission. The mass plates do not contain heavy metals or bitumen.

    What are mass panels?

    Mass loaded vinyl is designed to add extra mass to surfaces like floors and walls, improving sound insulation. The higher the weight of the surface you add, the better the sound insulation will be.

    These sheets, made of plastic, are suitable for improving the sound insulation of various materials such as plastic, wood, steel and aluminium.

    Soundproofing mass panels

    Sound-insulating mass plates are versatile. They can be used for isolating floors, air ducts, pipes, and even for reducing noise in generators, motors, machines, and compressors.

    Unlike traditional materials, our sound insulation mats do not contain heavy bitumen or metals. They are filled with a combination of polymer and the natural mineral barium sulphate.