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    Polyester wool

    EASYpol polyesterwool is one of the best-selling products at Fibers & Foams. It offers excellent sound-absorbing properties while being fire-resistant. Polyesterwool is durable, water-resistant, and does not cause irritation to the skin or respiratory tract. This material is suitable for various applications, such as cavity fill insulation, sound-absorbing filling, or as sound absorption in a room.

    What is polyster wool?

    Polyesterwool is an acoustic product with excellent absorbing and fire-retardant properties, making it practical for use in many places due to its high level of fire safety.

    EASYpol polyesterwool is available in both white and black colours and has a long lifespan. Polyesterwool can be easily cut with a sharp insulation or utility knife, and it can also be processed well through waterjet cutting or punching.

    Where is polyester wool used?

    Polyester wool is widely used in the construction and design sector because of its versatility. It is used as insulation material for sound and heat in walls, ceilings, and floors. It is also used for sound-absorbing panels, such as acoustic photo panels. Due to its fire safety, polyester wool is often used in public spaces, offices, theatres, and studios.

    Is polyester wool an environmentally friendly choice?

    Polyester wool is generally considered an eco-friendly choice, especially when produced using recycled materials. Since it can be used for a long time and recycled at the end of its life, it contributes to a sustainable construction sector. Furthermore, the production of polyester wool requires less energy than, for example, glass wool or stone wool.

    Polyester wool and PET felt

    Polyester wool is made from polyester fibres that are melted together through heat, mainly using recycled materials, which contributes to its sustainability.

    When the wool is further processed and compressed, it becomes PET felt, which is also a sustainable product.

    PET-felt from EASYfelt

    Our sister company, EASYfelt, offers PET felt panels in thicknesses of 9 mm, 12 mm, and 25 mm, available in a wide range of colours, with a total of 48 colour options. These panels are made from at least 50% recycled materials.

    The PET felt can be used for various wall and ceiling applications.