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    Damping car doors

    Damping car doors means reducing vibrations and noise within them. This is done by applying self-adhesive EASYdemp Caraudio Normal panels to the back of the inner and outer steel panels. These adhesive sheets absorb vibrations from the engine, tires, and road, resulting in less road noise and a quieter cabin. To achieve this, open the door panel, clean the inner panel, and cover at least 60% of the surface with the sheets. This effectively reduces road noise and makes the door feel sturdier.

    Bitumen Vibration-Damping Material

    EASYdemp Caraudio is a bitumen-based damping material that is virtually odorless due to its protective top layer. It is widely used in the automotive industry and is highly effective at reducing vibrations in the bodywork and doors.

    EASYdemp Caraudio comes in two thicknesses: EASYdemp Caraudio Normal is designed for thin steel panels, like those in doors and trunk lids, while EASYdemp Xtra is heavier and more suitable for thicker steel panels like those of the floor.

    Advantages of EASYdemp

    EASYdemp Caraudio stands out from other products due to the following features:

    • Weight: At 3.5 kg/m², EASYdemp Caraudio is lighter than comparable products, reducing the load on the door and hinges.
    • Flexibility: Unlike similar materials, EASYdemp Caraudio is very flexible and does not require heating to apply to curved surfaces.

    Soundbox Effect

    Besides reducing vibrations in steel panels, it also helps prevent the door from acting as a soundbox. This can be managed by using lightweight absorption material. We recommend installing EASYpol polyester wool, a material made from PET bottles that doesn't retain moisture; water simply passes through it. If moisture does get in, it will still collect at the bottom of the door, just like it would without EASYpol polyester wool.

    Engine and Road Noise

    Engine and road noise can negatively affect the cabin environment. Check the relevant blogs for solutions to disruptive engine and road noise.

    By placing EASYdemp panels directly against each other, the material also gains sound insulation properties. If the door produces a tinny sound when closing, this can be reduced by applying EASYdemp to the back of the outer panel as well.

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    For damping car doors

    Met de EASYdemp ontdreuningsplaten kunt u trillingen verminderen en geluid in de deuren tegengaan. Zo kunt u effectief autodeuren ontdreunen. Om het mogelijke klankkasteffect tegen te gaan kunt u gebruik maken van EASYpol polyesterwol.