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    Reducing road noise

    How you can reduce road noise depends on how this sound enters the cabin. The weakest link is often the cause of the problem. So, it's essential to identify this weak spot. This can be done by listening carefully or by using a dB meter (or app) to measure the sound level at various points. We'll outline three common problems for you.

    Gaps and Openings

    Gaps and openings are problematic because they allow sound to enter the cabin unhindered. If you can see outside from the cabin without using a window, it's almost certainly a sound leak. The only solution for such a gap or opening is to seal it properly.

    In older cars, worn or dried-out door seals can be a source of incoming noise. Replacing these seals can provide a solution. Your car dealer may be able to assist you with this. Unfortunately, we do not sell door seals.

    Wheel Wells and Underbody

    Road noise primarily comes from the tires and is caused by the friction between the rubber and the road surface. This noise is most noticeable in the wheel wells and enters the cabin through them and the underbody. In the wheel wells, annoying vibrations can also occur due to air turbulence and splashing dirt and water, which are then heard in the cabin as road noise.

    Applying EASYdemp Xtra to the wheel wells isolates and reduces these vibrations, significantly reducing the noise.

    To further reduce road noise, damping the wheel wells can be combined with using EASYdemp Xtra on the underbody. This is particularly effective around the front seats, where air turbulence is often more pronounced and where there is also more usage. If you're looking for a product with a nice finish, the EASYmass Sound-Insulating Floor Mat is an excellent choice.


    If there are no gaps, the firewall is often the cause of the problem. Especially if the old sound insulation on the firewall is worn out, road noise can penetrate the cabin through the engine compartment and the firewall.

    The best solution is to cover the firewall with EASYdemp Xtra sound deadening sheets. This material not only has excellent vibration damping properties but also good sound insulation and is easy to apply. You can attach EASYdemp to both sides of the firewall, but the best result is achieved by doing this on the engine side.

    For effective sound insulation, it's important that the EASYdemp sheets fit seamlessly together and that the entire firewall is completely covered, as any gap can form a sound leak.

    The heavier the insulation, the better it blocks sound. Therefore, we recommend using a 8 kg/m² sheet. If desired, you can even apply this in two layers, although additional layers have little further effect.

    If there is sufficient space, you can apply another sheet of EASYfoam FireSeal or EASYfoam FireSeal HR over the EASYdemp on the engine side. This also reduces engine noise. More information can be found in our blog about engine noise.

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    For reducing road noise

    How you can reduce road noise depends on how this sound enters the cabin. Our specialists are happy to assist you in choosing the right product. The most popular products for countering road noise are: