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    Vibrations in the cabin

    In vehicles with spacious cabins, such as motorhomes, vans and jeeps, annoying noise problems can occur. A distinction can be made between the feeling of being in a sound box and noise pollution due to vibrations. Since some people spend the night in their vehicles, we also pay attention to reducing outside noise.

    Annoyint Vibrations

    Air movement outside the vehicle can cause vibrations in the steel panels. This is particularly bothersome if the paneling isn't dampened, and the effect is amplified by a cavity between the inner and outer layers.

    Check if your vehicle is dampened by tapping on the steel surface. A tinny sound indicates that it isn't dampened, while a sound resembling wood suggests that the steel panels are properly dampened.

    If the steel panels aren't dampened, you can apply EASYdemp Normal on the inside. Covering about 60% of the surface with EASYdemp is sufficient for effective vibration damping.

    The cavity between the inner and outer panels acts like a soundbox, causing irritating noise at specific frequencies. Ideally, fill this space with acoustic material. EASYpol is an excellent choice; it's made from PET bottles, has a long lifespan, is moisture-resistant, and is not susceptible to mold.ongevoelig voor schimmelvorming.

    The Cabin as a Resonator

    The larger the cabin and the harder the finishing materials, the more it functions as a resonator. This leads to a "hollow" sound and a "hissing" noise caused by air turbulence and reflections inside the cabin.

    The only solution is to add absorption material. This reduces and absorbs noise so that it doesn't reflect and cause a disturbance.

    Absorption material can be applied to the ceiling and the walls. Which material and where to use it depends on both acoustic and aesthetic considerations. Many customers choose EASYfoam AC2, which has been used in the roofs of old Land Rovers and to cover finished rear windows of campers. Other spatial acoustic solutions can also be effective.

    Reducing External Noise

    If you use your vehicle for overnight stays, you will want to minimize external noise as much as possible. The mentioned improvements also help reduce outside noise if EASYdemp is applied seamlessly. This ensures that the material provides sound insulation as well as vibration damping.

    An additional benefit of filling the cavity with EASYpol is that it provides thermal insulation as well as acoustic insulation.

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