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    In industry and construction, noise control is a crucial aspect of creating a comfortable, safe and productive working environment. Noise can not only lead to stress and fatigue among workers, but can also affect the productivity and efficiency of processes. Therefore, high-quality acoustic materials are essential to effectively address noise problems and improve the overall quality of industrial and construction projects.

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    Machine and equipment construction

    Noise from machinery can not only damage workers' hearing, but can also lead to fatigue, stress and reduced productivity. It is therefore essential to implement effective sound insulation measures. Fibers & Foams has a wide range of sound-absorbing, sound-insulating and deadening materials that you can use to make machine noise quieter.

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    Machinebouw geluidsisolatie

    Yacht building and shipping

    In yacht building and shipping, acoustics and sound insulation play a crucial role in onboard comfort and efficiency. Noise can come from engines, mechanical systems, waves and other vessels. Reducing noise and vibration is important to give crew and passengers a comfortable experience and meet safety standards.

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    Jachtbouw geluidsisolatie

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    Acoustic materials, easy to order, simple to process, and proven effective. Unsure which acoustic materials best suit your needs? Our experts are happy to assist you in assessing the sound insulation of your engines and finding a suitable solution. Feel free to contact us.