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    Vibration isolation

    Vibration isolation is used to prevent vibrations from a source being transmitted. Check out our range of high-quality solutions for installing vibration-isolating underlays, ensuring you are guaranteed a quiet and comfortable environment.

    Avoiding contact noise

    Vibration isolation involves separating and reducing vibrations, making them less likely to be transmitted. This can be applied to various devices and machines, such as washing machines, pool pumps, and structures such as floors, ceilings and walls. In this way, it acts as a sound dampener by reducing vibrations.

    EASYbond vibration isolation

    EASYbond vibration isolation is perfect as an underlay to reduce impact noise and vibrations. It is available in two thicknesses: 1 cm and 3 cm. The 1 cm variant is suitable for use under laminate or parquet floors, while the 3 cm variant is ideal for creating a floating floor, such as in a recording studio.

    EASYbond strips

    EASYbond strips are very suitable for decoupling walls. With these strips, the wall no longer comes into direct contact with the ceiling and the floor. The EASYbond vibration isolation strips are fire safety certified according to FMVSS302.