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    Acoustic material

    Looking for acoustic materials? Fibers & Foams is a wholesaler of acoustic materials. We can deliver directly from stock. You can order or purchase these acoustic materials both by phone and through our webshop. In addition, we provide customized solutions for your projects or products using our acoustic materials or other sound-absorbing products.

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    What exactly is acoustic material?

    Acoustic material refers to a wide range of materials specifically designed to improve sound absorption, sound reflection, and sound insulation in a particular space or environment. This type of material is used to manage the acoustics of a room, meaning it helps control how sound propagates in a space and how it is perceived.

    The functions of acoustic material include sound absorption, where sound waves are absorbed by the material rather than being reflected, and sound insulation, where external sound is blocked to reduce sound transmission between spaces. These properties contribute to improved sound quality, reduced reverberation and echo, and increased comfort and privacy in a space.

    Where is acoustic material applied?

    Acoustic material is widely used for various purposes, especially to reduce unwanted echoes and hollow sounds. It is particularly useful for dampening sound in enclosures and installations, such as pumps, air conditioning units, or machinery.

    This absorbing material is supplied to various sectors, including:

    • Machinery and equipment manufacturing (for enclosures, housings, and pipes)
    • Automotive industry (including yacht and automobile manufacturing)
    • Interior construction (for panel fillings or wall insulation)
    • Construction sector (for applications such as wall insulation, enclosures, or server rooms)
    • Individuals: for use in vehicles such as cars, boats, RVs, and also in household appliances like washing machines.

    What types of acoustic materials are available?

    At our store, you'll find a wide range of acoustic materials specifically developed for various acoustic applications. Below, we describe the different types of acoustic material.

    Polyurethane foams, also known as foams, are probably the most well-known foams. On our website, you'll find different variants, including convoluted, flat, and pyramid foam. Additionally, we offer variants with a top layer resistant to splashing water, oil, and flame retardant.

    For fire-resistant acoustic panels, we offer EASYpol polyester wool and FireSeal. FireSeal is a unique self-adhesive polyurethane foam also used in room acoustic projects.

    Polyester wool is a durable and fire-resistant wool made from polyester fibers, a good alternative to traditional glass and stone wool.

    Our range of acoustic foam also includes melamine foam, a fire-resistant and lightweight foam with self-adhesive properties. We offer melamine foam with both flat and edge finishes.


    Acoustic materials are also applied on a project basis. Think of reducing noise in conveyor belts within production lines, as well as in generators, machinery, and equipment for metalworking.

    Every project and application requires a customized solution. With our own cutting and punching machine for special dimensions, we have extensive capabilities for in-house processing.

    We are ready to assist you with specific sound issues. If you have special requirements regarding the material, we are happy to brainstorm with you. Customization is no problem for our team of specialists.

    Feel free to contact us via phone or email for more information!