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    Melamine foam

    Pyracoustic is the name of our extensive selection of high-quality melamine foams. With a remarkably low weight of only 12 kg/m3, these melamine foams provide a fire-safe solution with excellent sound-absorbing properties. Pyracoustic products are easy to process and specially designed for various applications, such as construction, vehicle manufacturing, and even in the aerospace industry.

    Melamine foam is a soft material with a foam-like texture, commonly

    Melamine foam is known for its light weight, fire resistance, and excellent sound absorbing properties. Melamine foam is often used in sound insulation, acoustic treatments, and thermal insulation due to its absorbing and insulating properties. It is widely used in various industries, including construction, automotive, aerospace, and sound studios.

    This product is certified according to the B1 class following the DIN4102 standard after thorough testing. It retains its stability up to a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.

    Different types of melamine foam

    Fibers & Foams offers two variants: an Edge variant with a bevelled edge and a Flat variant with a flat edge. Both variants are available in the colours white and light grey. Additionally, the Flat variant is also available in the colour dark grey.

    The Basotect panels come with a self-adhesive back, making them easy to work with. This allows you to easily start working with this type of product on your own.

    Thickness of the melamine foam

    Pyracoustic melamine foam is available in two thicknesses: 30 mm and 50 mm.

    Application of melamine foam

    If speech sounds are a problem, melamine foam is a recommended solution. This acoustic foam has an optimal absorption value between 500 and 1000 Hertz, which is ideal for dampening speech sounds. By using melamine foam in a space, speech intelligibility is improved, making conversations enjoyable again.

    Melamine foam benefits

    Melamine foam is lightweight and has a self-adhesive backing, making it easy to install. Additionally, it has an aesthetically pleasing appearance, which contributes to the visual appeal of the space.

    Disadvantages of melamine foam

    One disadvantage of melamine foam is that it is sensitive to moisture, which can lead to stretching and shrinking. Sometimes small air bubbles may also be visible in the material.