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    Sound damping panels

    Sound damping plates are specially designed plates that are used to reduce vibrations and noise. They are often applied to surfaces sensitive to vibrations. This problem occurs, for example, with vehicle bodywork, speaker construction, and steel engine housings of a generator or pump casing. Using a damping plate adds mass and counteracts vibrations, isolating the sound.

    What does 'Sound damping' mean?

    Some sheet materials, such as aluminium, plastic, and steel, can produce noise when touched. Thin sheet materials in particular are prone to this issue. The noise produced is similar to the sound of a gong.

    This loud sound may occur, for example, during a car journey when the car's sheet metal vibrates. Fibers & Foams has a solution to combat this.

    EASYdemp self-adhesive sound damping sheets

    For soundproofing, or absorbing vibrations in metal, you can use our self-adhesive soundproofing plates. EASYdemp is a self-adhesive bitumen soundproofing plate. This product stands out from similar products by combining good soundproofing with high flexibility. This makes it easy to apply to curved surfaces as well.

    Soundproofing car audio

    We have developed car audio sets specifically for use in cars. These sound deadening sheets can be used to dampen doors and other metal surfaces to reduce vibrations. By adding sound deadening sheets, the sound is reduced. These sheets are made of bitumen.